Ashampoo WinOptimizer v18.00.12 + Patch

Ashampoo WinOptimizer v18.00.12 + Patch - Ashampoo WinOptimizer adalah perangkat lunak yang dapat merawat dan menjaga sistem operasi pada komputer agar dapat berfungsi selalu dalam keadaan optimal. Dengan program ini para pengguna komputer akan mendapatkan aplikasi lengkap yang dapat membersihkan komputer dari berbagai gangguan, membuatnya berjalan lebih cepat.

Terutama Windows 10 mengumpulkan lebih banyak data daripada yang diinginkan penggunanya. Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 17 menangani masalah ini - dengan kecepatan dan efisiensi yang tak tertandingi. Tidak butuh pengetahuan sebelumnya atau banyak waktu dan komputer Anda akan terasa seperti baru lagi! Biarkan WinOptimizer membantu Anda memaksimalkan PC Anda dan melindungi, membersihkan, dan mengoptimalkan mesin Anda untuk kinerja dan privasi maksimum setiap saat.

  • The most powerful WinOptimizer start page ever
  • Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 16 takes care of things right off the bat. The start page allows you to analyze and fix eight common issues. Free massive amounts of space, clean your registry, slim down on autostart entries, ramp up your security settings and create a lean, secure and error-free system. Naturally, we’ve optimized all features for the latest Windows updates!
  • Conserve energy without performance drops
  • Modern computer systems offer a high level of performance that goes hand in hand with a high level of energy consumption – even when it is not needed! You’ll notice this not just when you’re using your laptop on the go but also when you receive the latest energy bill. The new Energy-Manager tailors Windows power settings to your needs. Nifty power schemes save you money and extend the battery life of your devices significantly. Our team came up with a perfectly balanced power saving profile that won’t cause noticeable performance drops while efficiently conserving energy!
  • No more unwanted browser extensions!
  • We all know those pesky toolbars that tend to infiltrate our browsers. What are less known are the numerous browser extensions that can slow down your web browsing experience and threaten your privacy. These extensions are often not even listed by the affected browsers! Browser Extension Manager puts a stop to this. It displays all installed browser extensions along with the option to delete them, if necessary. You decide which extension stays and which one goes. So clean your browser and put the fun back into web surfing!
  • Full control with a single bar!
  • While many comparable products seem like a wild mix of various features, Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 16 offers a streamlined experience. The navigation bar offers fast access to every feature without the hassle of nested submenus and each module provides clear how to instructions. Making modern technology usable – that is our goal!
  • Windows 10-ready
  • Development of Microsoft Windows is still ongoing – and so is the development of Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 16! Our developers ensure the program remains fully usable even if your PC has just received OS updates. Through continuous program updates, your WinOptimizer always stays up to date no matter what changes are made to the underlying Windows OS!

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